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Paul Gilbert introduces his upcoming European Tour

New, slightly crazy video by Paul Gilbert himself recently posted on YouTube:

As previously stated, he won’t be coming to Scotland this time round (note that he says “England” though he has a date in Northern Ireland but anyway, I’m probably going to see him in Paris on his last date (though I should get cracking and order tickets already). The biggest surprise in this video is that his wife Emi doesn’t seem to be going along with him on the tour, instead he’ll be joined by Tony Spinner on guitar / vocals.

For all tour dates, check out my previous post on the subject

Watch cult guitar movie Crossroads – Free

Strangely enough, in the world of movies, there seems to be little place for our favourite instument the guitar. Certainly if you were to ask me what are the most iconic movie scenes involving some sort of guitar playing, I would quote two movies: Back to the Future where Marty McFly dazzles a crowd of 1955 High School students with an overdriven version of Johnny B Goode, and Crossroads (NOT the Britney Spears movie) where young Eugene Martone Duels with Jack Butler (Steve Vai) using neither swords nor pistols, but their guitar skills.

Well despite the latter movie being rather hard to find nowadays (I have a LOVEFiLM subscription, and it’s not part of their catalogue), now you can watch it for FREE, all thanks to YouTube new streaming movie service.


A must-see for any fan of Steve Vai out there

Paul Gilbert has a YouTube channel

As I was checking Paul’s redesigned website, I noticed a link to YouTube that pointed to a channel called “paulvsgozilla” which, to anyone who follows Paul finds it obvious that it would be his (just check the contact section of his website). Now it’s a little empty just now, and the only video on the channel is the one below:

So it’s not quite matching the huge collection of videos you can find of his works taken from DVDs, concerts, interviews and so on which are scattered amongst a multitude of users. But, to my mind it is rather significant, and here’s why.

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Paul Gilbert – Fuzz Universe intro dissected

This was posted on Facebook earlier and I found the same video on YouTube. It’s obviously from Young Guitar or another similar guitar magazine from Japan but I really enjoyed the little banter at the end, in particular his outlining of how m7b5 chords are better than heavy 5th power chords. Since I’m trying to get my head round them myself, I’d agree that they sound pretty cool but you do have to be an experience composer, as Paul is, to make something original out of it.

Anyway, enjoy: