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Chickenfoot Big Foot Music Video

There’s still about a month to go before the release of Chickenfoot III but the first single Big Foot already has its music video and it’s the typical stuff you can expect from the ‘foot, in this case grown men in gimp suits. Doesn’t get much better than that 😉 Check it out below:

Oh and if you’re wondering why the drummer in the video isn’t Chad Smith, well let’s just have Chad explain who the guy is: Read more

Chickenfoot – back in the studio

Ok so it’s not like they went back in the studio today, more like a couple of weeks ago, err, if I wasn’t so lazy i’d check out on Twitter (or, you know, the official website) when (31 Jan, there). So it looks like it’s going to be another big year with interesting releases, meanwhile, Joe, Sammy, Chad and Mike just wanted to say hi:

“It’s my new diet, just walk by the food” … Yeah ok so nothing much musically 😉

Satch talks next Chickenfoot record and new Solo Album

Joe Satriani & Sammy Hagar LiveThere was a buzz on over the last couple of days that Satch was working on his next solo album but little else was known. We’d also heard confirmation from Sammy Hagar that the Foot was definitely working on their next album too. Well now thanks to Music Radar who managed to get hold of Satch long enough to (gently) extract the information from him, we know both to be true.

The next Satch solo record will come out some time in the fall, no definite dates yet. As for the next Chickenfoot, well they’ve only just released their live CD/DVD so the date for the next studio album is probably still very much up in the air at the moment.

Here’s a few excerpts for a taste:

With several hours to go before soundcheck, Satriani talked to MusicRadar about the future of Chickenfoot, expressing enthusiasm about a recent group writing session (“already I can tell we’re going deeper than on the first album”). He also reveals that fans can count on a new solo record in the fall.

After decompressing for a few months and playing on the Experience Hendrix Tour, what was it like to get back with Chickenfoot to work on some new material?

“Better and easier than you might think. It doesn’t take long for us to start clicking. We got together and worked on some ideas. Actually, we had a bunch of stuff we recorded on the road last year, little bits of things. But we have four songs that are really taking shape. We’re going to take a little more time with this record – well, we kind of have to given our schedules.”


But before you do that, I understand you’re going to do a new solo record. Don’t you rest, man?

[laughs] “I do, but probably not like other people. I’m going to start the next record soon, as in a few weeks from now. Since I got off the Hendrix tour, I’ve been going through a lot of the bits and pieces and riffs I’ve collected, trying to see if they’re songs. I probably have about 30 actual song ideas, so now I have to whittle them down a bit.”

For the whole interview, head over to Music Radar 😀