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Mr Big coming to the UK

Well it looks like Mr Big’s tour following the release of What If, will not just be confined to summer festivals across Europe. According to Classic Rock Mag, they have 6 dates scheduled in September in the UK. They are as follows:

Yep, they’re apparently coming to Glasgow, and on a Thursday, which means I should be able to go.

Now those dates haven’t been confirmed on their website that I can see and tickets aren’t available yet for pre-booking (at least in Glasgow) but Classic Rock is a good enough source for me that I trust their info to be solid.

I will update as soon as I hear something a little more official.

PS: Thanks Jenn for the tip 🙂

Edit: The pre-order for the Newcastle tickets will open on 17th of June, with a pre-sale on Wednesday 15th June at £25 a head according to the O2 academy twitter account

Edit2: Have amended the Glasgow venue from the Academy to the ABC (price per ticket is £25 by the way) and added links for venues

Guitar.com’s 10 questions to Paul Gilbert

Ever the gentleman, Paul Gilbert in between 2 tours, has answered 10 questions from the guitar.com website, thus giving us yet a little bit more insight into the man. Here’s an excerpt:

Guitar.com: Guitar music has taken a bit of a back seat as of late. Where do you see the future of guitar heading?

Gilbert: Well, as much as technology might advance and gear might have more complex sounds to offer, it’s very comforting to me that the E-chord that I learned when I was 11 years old STILL WORKS. I don’t have to discard my old playing like an old laptop. Everything that I have ever learned to play is still valuable and valid. So I think that the true advances in guitar playing have to be made by players rather than by the gear. We just have to keep playing with strong rhythmic and melodic intention. We have to play in bands that have good singers and good songs. We have to make the girls dance and the guys headbang. There is no single future. It’s the individual future of every one of us who steps onstage and makes people want to listen.

for the whole interview, check out guitar.com