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Mr Big coming to the UK

Well it looks like Mr Big’s tour following the release of What If, will not just be confined to summer festivals across Europe. According to Classic Rock Mag, they have 6 dates scheduled in September in the UK. They are as follows:

Yep, they’re apparently coming to Glasgow, and on a Thursday, which means I should be able to go.

Now those dates haven’t been confirmed on their website that I can see and tickets aren’t available yet for pre-booking (at least in Glasgow) but Classic Rock is a good enough source for me that I trust their info to be solid.

I will update as soon as I hear something a little more official.

PS: Thanks Jenn for the tip 🙂

Edit: The pre-order for the Newcastle tickets will open on 17th of June, with a pre-sale on Wednesday 15th June at £25 a head according to the O2 academy twitter account

Edit2: Have amended the Glasgow venue from the Academy to the ABC (price per ticket is £25 by the way) and added links for venues

Paul Gilbert interviewed by Music Radar

Another year, another cool interview (6 pages!!) from the folks at Music Radar with Paul Gilbert, discussing among other things the Mr Big. reunion, his practice and hearing loss. Check out an excerpt below:

Last year you put out the solo record Fuzz Universe, and you were quoted as saying it was “a giant step closer to the ultimate rock guitar sound and playing of my dreams.” Would you say something similar about the new Mr Big record?

“I keep tweaking those knobs, and I keep liking it more. I was at my studio today, still trying new tone experiments. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I love the constant exploration for the most satisfying tone. It’s not just how it sounds, but also how it feels to the player. Different tones inspire different directions of playing. I’m still giddy that you thought I played something that sounded like Leslie West, so I hope I’m heading in a good tone direction.”

For the whole interview, head over to Music Radar

I missed Paul Gilbert but here’s an interview

So what do you know, I’m here in France, only 2h away from Paris and I wasn’t able to go see Paul Gilbert play in Paris tonight for his last date on his European tour. To be fair I kinda gave up on it when I added up all the costs of going, but even if I could have afford it, we’ve just had the worst snowfall for many years down in the old country so it was safer to stay in anyway.

But I’m told from La Chaine Guitare that the show went ahead, and was great so it’s good to hear everyone who could make it definitely had a good time. I’m just gonna hold out for the next chance to see him, perhaps when Mr Big tours Europe.

Meanwhile, here’s an audio interview made last year by La Chaine Guitare with Paul before Mr Big show in Paris (follow the link for a transcript of the interview by Jenn).

I will be back later with more guitar posts, I’ve been a little busy lately and now I don’t even know if I can access my old crummy guitar for a little bit of unplugged practice while I’m over here…

MR Big. What If ...

Mr Big. New Album & Video

It’s not exactly breaking news that Mr Big. having reformed last year has spent most of the autumn working on a new album. The record is called What If and is due to be released on 21 December 2010 (according to Amazon) or 21 January 2010 according to bravewords.com. Here is the album artwork:

MR Big. What If ...

What if … pigs could fly, well I dunno, what if … hen had teeth? You get the idea. The album marks the return of Mr Big in its original line-up (that is to say, with my favourite guitar player, Mr Paul Gilbert) since 1996. Bravewords.com says:

What If… was produced by Kevin Shirley (AEROSMITH, RUSH, IRON MAIDEN) and the release will be followed by a World Tour which will kick off in South America in March and will hit Europe in early summer.

I will report further once European dates are known. I’ll be crossing fingers that there will be more than just the one date in London like last year but perhaps it’ll depend on the response to the album’s release. In the meantime, here’s the setlist for the album:

  1. ‘Undertow’
  2. ‘American Beauty’
  3. ‘Stranger In My Life’
  4. ‘Nobody Takes The Blame’
  5. ‘Still Ain’t Enough For Me’
  6. ‘Once Upon A Time’
  7. ‘As Far As I Can See’
  8. ‘All The Way Up’
  9. ‘I Won’t Get In My Way’
  10. ‘Around The World’
  11. ‘I Get The Feeling’
  12. ‘Unforgiven’ (exclusive bonus track for Europe / North America – not on vinyl edition)

And here’s the promotional video for the first single to be released: Undertow

Awesome tune if you ask me, it sold me on the album (as if I needed much convincing :-P)

Asiaone talks Paul Gilbert & Mr Big

It’s not an interview strictly speaking and is probably mostly interesting if you live in Singapore but it’s still an interesting article on one of the ways Mr Big changed Paul Gilbert’s career. Here’s an excerpt below:

Before joining Mr Big, Gilbert was the founder of heavy metal band Racer X, renowned for its chugging guitar riffs and fast solos.

Though Mr Big’s style of music is vastly different from Racer X’s, the versatile Gilbert did not have any difficulty adapting to sing-a-long pop rock anthems such as Just Take My Heart and To Be With You.

‘I enjoy many musical styles. In fact, I hardly notice the division between genres,’ he said.

‘Personally, I just like to play good songs with solid musicians and I feel very fortunate to have played with both bands (Racer X and Mr Big).

‘After playing a loud and fast track, playing a melodic, acoustic song sounds especially lovely in contrast.’

Mr Big is due to play in Singapore on 18 October at 8pm.