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Chickenfoot Big Foot Music Video

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

There’s still about a month to go before the release of Chickenfoot III but the first single Big Foot already has its music video and it’s the typical stuff you can expect from the ‘foot, in this case grown men in gimp suits. Doesn’t get much better than that 😉 Check it out below:

Oh and if you’re wondering why the drummer in the video isn’t Chad Smith, well let’s just have Chad explain who the guy is: (more…)

New Chickenfoot album – Teaser 2

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Things are afoot (*ahem*), a new trailer has appeared with a teaser of the first single Big Foot. Check it out below:

Big Foot is out on 2 August 2011, and if you watch the video until the end you’ll find that the new album will not in fact be called Chickenfoot IV but

Chickenfoot III

I love these guys! 😀

New Chickenfoot album teaser

Friday, July 8th, 2011

The ‘foot new album is coming soon, 27th of September to be precise and if you can’t wait to get an earful of what it’s going to be like, check the video below:

Get your boots on!

Chickenfoot – back in the studio

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Ok so it’s not like they went back in the studio today, more like a couple of weeks ago, err, if I wasn’t so lazy i’d check out on Twitter (or, you know, the official website) when (31 Jan, there). So it looks like it’s going to be another big year with interesting releases, meanwhile, Joe, Sammy, Chad and Mike just wanted to say hi:

“It’s my new diet, just walk by the food” … Yeah ok so nothing much musically 😉

New Chickenfoot Video – Soap On A Rope

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

When I first put the Chickenfoot CD in my player, the first song that really struck to me as being above the others definitely was Soap On A Rope, so I’m really glad they’ve decided to release it as their next single.

What’s more, this video is a great amount of fun. In fact, I can’t remember when I last laughed out loud watching a music video… well maybe for Oh Yeah! I can’t insist enough on how tremendous it is to see those 4 guys having the amount of fun they seem to be having. The music business has been so corrupted with money and other copyright and royalties issues that it’s a real bowl of fresh air to watch these guys. Don’t think I’m being naive, if you’ve not bought the Chickenfoot album, you can listen to it for free on Spotify as well as on the Chickenfoot website.

Meawhile enjoy the video 😀