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Fuzz Universe Delayed

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Real quick news to pass on a report from CD Japan stating that Fuzz Universe will now ship on 30 June 2010 instead of the original date of 23 June 2010. So if like me you’ve pre-ordered Paul Gilbert’s newest shred fest, you’re gonna have to wait another week.

Personally I think it’ll make it all the more enjoyable 😉

Pre-order Paul Gilbert’s Fuzz Universe

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Quick post to share a link to preorder Fuzz Universe. When I wrote about it a few days ago it seemed to only be available from HMV Japan, now you can pre-order it from CD Japan (as I did yesterday), though these guys don’t seem to have the DVD for preorder just yet, so I’ll keep you updated on this one.

Upcoming Paul Gilbert Album: Fuzz Universe

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Only yesterday I was thinking, it’s the end of April and so far in 2010 we’ve heard almost nothing about what Paul Gilbert is up to musically speaking. It felt a little anti climatic after the streak of activity since releasing Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar in 2008. There was the tour with Satch immediately after, then the release of United States with Freddy Nelson and the European tour with clinics in the Autumn, then in 2009 we had the short concert with Racer X at NAMM and then the much welcome reunion tour with Mr Big. More Mr Big news were hoped / expected for this year but so far we’ve not had much, they all seem to be back to doing their own things.

So it was a relief to wake up this morning to the much welcome news brought, as always, by the much resourceful Jenn, that Paul Gilbert is due to release a new (apparently instrumental once again) album, on 23rd June this year called Fuzz Universe.

There’s no cover art available nor is there a track list yet but I’ll be sure to update this  once this becomes available. For now the CD with its usual companion DVD is available for preorder at HMV Japan (not CD Japan, which explains why I’ve not heard about it from them). You can pre-order the CD here and the DVD here.

This is the exciting news of the day, cheers Jenn 😀