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Paul Gilbert interviewed by Music Radar

Another year, another cool interview (6 pages!!) from the folks at Music Radar with Paul Gilbert, discussing among other things the Mr Big. reunion, his practice and hearing loss. Check out an excerpt below:

Last year you put out the solo record Fuzz Universe, and you were quoted as saying it was “a giant step closer to the ultimate rock guitar sound and playing of my dreams.” Would you say something similar about the new Mr Big record?

“I keep tweaking those knobs, and I keep liking it more. I was at my studio today, still trying new tone experiments. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I love the constant exploration for the most satisfying tone. It’s not just how it sounds, but also how it feels to the player. Different tones inspire different directions of playing. I’m still giddy that you thought I played something that sounded like Leslie West, so I hope I’m heading in a good tone direction.”

For the whole interview, head over to Music Radar

Paul Gilbert demonstrates his Majik Box Fuzz Universe

Blimey this was posted nearly 2 weeks ago, and I managed to miss it all this time? Well not anymore (thanks to @ShredGuitar_FR). In this video Paul shows us what makes this new pedal so special. From clean high-end distortion to nice and beefy heavy sounds, this pedal is a must have for those seeking to reproduce Paul’s sound. Here’s the video below:

Now, every time I see something about this pedal, I’m seeing some comment Paul allegedly made in reference to some guy called Justin Bieber or something. Is he some new pop idol that teenage girls are swooning over with questionable musical abilities or something? Whoever he is, it sounds like I’m better off not being introduced 😉

Paul Gilbert’s Fuzzier Universe

Just got news from CD Japan that a limited edition of Fuzz Universe will be released on 20 October 2010. It includes 2 discs, one being the original album, the other containing only the guitar tracks. It will feature a plastic case packaged in a slip case (a bit like Surfing With The Alien 20th anniversary I would imagine)

Price is ¥3,500, and there’s still no word about that Fuzz Universe DVD, which is kinda odd. Hopefully it’ll be available during the tour so we don’t have to order it 😉

The other Fuzz Universe news is a little old now, but it’s yet another effect pedal, this time produced by Majik Box. It’s called… you guessed it, the Fuzz Universe 😉 Read more

Paul Gilbert – Fuzz Universe intro dissected

This was posted on Facebook earlier and I found the same video on YouTube. It’s obviously from Young Guitar or another similar guitar magazine from Japan but I really enjoyed the little banter at the end, in particular his outlining of how m7b5 chords are better than heavy 5th power chords. Since I’m trying to get my head round them myself, I’d agree that they sound pretty cool but you do have to be an experience composer, as Paul is, to make something original out of it.

Anyway, enjoy:

Paul Gilbert’s Fuzz Universe cover art and track listing [updated]

The ever resourceful Jenn updates that there is news on the Fuzz Universe front, namely that a cover art has been produced (apparently on the Racer X forums, which I’ve not visited in ages, umm…) as well as a track listing, which I’ll spend a bit of time to decipher. Why? Because it’s in Japanese and I”m a bit of a language geek, that’s why 😉

First the cover:

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