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Chickenfoot Big Foot Music Video

There’s still about a month to go before the release of Chickenfoot III but the first single Big Foot already has its music video and it’s the typical stuff you can expect from the ‘foot, in this case grown men in gimp suits. Doesn’t get much better than that 😉 Check it out below:

Oh and if you’re wondering why the drummer in the video isn’t Chad Smith, well let’s just have Chad explain who the guy is: Read more

Joe Satriani talks Chickenfoot

So the word is out now apparently, Sammy Hagar revealed that barring last minute objections, the next Chickenfoot album will be called Chickenfoot IV. Yep that’s how fun that band is. But there are more revelations in store, MusicRadar (them lucky guys again) have caught up with out favourite bald alien guitar player and squeezed a few more juicy news related to the upcoming Chickenfoot record. Here’s an except:

At what stage are you with the album? Have you finished tracking?

“Last week, we finished 99 percent of the drums, bass and guitars. Because we’re not always in the same room together – or the same town – there’s always a little bit of hesitation of where to go with the finishing touches. In this particular case, Sammy and I have been watching each other as to how we’re developing our parts over what the entire band did when they were together. So the songs are still developing lyrically and vocally, and I don’t want to commit 100 percent what the guitars will do until I hear Sammy’s finished vocals.

“We’re at a very exciting point in the development of the record. I think I can definitively say that the album sounds heavier and that it sounds like Chickenfoot. [laughs] I can’t say too much about the lyrical aspect because I haven’t heard everything Sammy’s going to do – he wanted to come back from the book tour he’s on before he made up his mind on a couple of songs.

“But I can tell you right now that the sound of the album is tremendous. The guitars are out of this world, and we haven’t even done the real mixes yet.”

Wait, aren’t Joe’s guitar parts usually out of this world anyway? In any case the next Chickenfoot album will be out some time in the autumn. (umm, and then you’re gonna tour and come to Scotland right? Right? … Please?)

Meanwhile, head over to MusicRadar for the full interview

Chickenfoot – back in the studio

Ok so it’s not like they went back in the studio today, more like a couple of weeks ago, err, if I wasn’t so lazy i’d check out on Twitter (or, you know, the official website) when (31 Jan, there). So it looks like it’s going to be another big year with interesting releases, meanwhile, Joe, Sammy, Chad and Mike just wanted to say hi:

“It’s my new diet, just walk by the food” … Yeah ok so nothing much musically 😉