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Wind Turbines based on Jet Engines

Okay, why didn’t I think of that uh? Well okay, I’m no engineer, but you have to admit it’s a pretty clever idea. Essentially, based on the fact that traditional wind turbines only use a fragment of the potential energy that the wind carries (the video says 50% but I’m sure I’ve read that 35% was the best you could get from off-shore turbines which use larger blades) by dissipating the wind, the jet engine technology concentrates the wind in two combined flows to increase the amount of energy produced. This means their efficiency, compared to traditional turbines is increased three to four-fold.

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Of course Climate Data is available

Reading all the distorted nonsense that climate contrarians (I prefer that to deniers actually) put up out there, you’d think Climate Data is a dark dirty secret that only a selected cabal is able to access, interpret and publish at their own whim to create a worldwide conspiracy (to what purpose, I’m not entirely sure but anyway…)

Well the data is out there, and with the greatest global conference having opened at Copenhagen yesterday, I thought I’d put out a few links for people to check out and make their own opinions.

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Don’t do it for just one day

I have a calendar that shows me all sorts of “special days” popping up throughout the year, some are funny (World Toilet Day) while others are more meaningful (Buy Nothing Day) and it got me thinking, if these meaningful “special days” are meant to get us to think about specific issues, why keep it to one day? Make it an entire week!

Okay so perhaps “Buy nothing week” would be hard for most people but why not? If nothing else it would get us to think more clearly about what we spend out money on and how we can save up on things which aren’t really needed. Last week was a real set of extremes as far as spending goes. On the one hand you have “buy nothing day”, which is easy enough to follow but then on the other there’s “Black Friday”, which apparently was a huge day of sale followed by many stores slashing down prices for one day only. Is it not a little paradoxical?

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