This page is dedicated to providing a list of announcements for various issues related to this website.

  1. 20 August 2009: is now hosted by Super Green Hosting
  2. 20 August 2009: If you’ve had issues accessing, please try Theres is an issue with URL rewriting which I am yet to figure out. Apologies for the confusion
  3. 20 August 2009: The temporary Allisburning page is currently down. Please be patient as all sub-sites are being rolled back. Thank you 🙂
  4. 21 August 2009: The temporary Allisburning page is now back up and running 🙂
  5. 24 August 2009: The dual-language module has been removed, mostly due to lack of time to commit to translating articles in French. Since stats show that traffic from Francophone countries is actually quite poor, this shouldn’t make much difference.
  6. 12 November 2009: If you’re experiencing issues with the RSS feed, please make sure you’re subscribed to as it may be that your subscription is to, which no longer exists. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. 01 September 2010: Fixed a bug that had the iframe of the FB like button overlay any embedded media too high in a post in chrome / chromium. I would appreciate feedback if this causes problems to any other browser / platform thanks
  8. 02 September 2010: 2 additions today. First I added a Google Translate module I bookmarked some 10 months ago and never got round to adding. I’ve tested it in French and there’s a lot of room for improvement, but if your native language isn’t English or if you need a giggle, this may be helpful. The second thing is a revamped date display. I wanted something a little more prominent than the way the date was shown before so I took my CSS skills out of the drawer and had some fun. I think it works.
  9. 15 September 2010: Removed the images from the main menu and replaced them with text to remove unrelated image linking when posting to Facebook and increase speed by not having so many images to load. I will also hopefully increase Google’s keywords awareness by having the menu as text. Feedback welcome on this.
  10. 15 June 2011: You can now search this website using the Webkit voice search function. To my knowledge this is only available in Google chrome at the moment

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