Mulder it's, err, not me

UFO is a Sci-Fi thriller about Unidentified Flying Objects, Government conspiracies and it's starring Gillian Anderson as a red-head

But it's not +The X-Files

I still want to see it.

The Truth is Still Out There folks!! Happy #UFODay

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UFO trailer: Beam up this exclusive sneak peek at the sci-fi thriller starring Gillian Anderson
To celebrate World UFO Day today, we have an exclusive trailer of the movie (yep, you guessed it) UFO, an intriguing sci-fi thriller starring Gillian Anderson, Alex Sharp, and David Strathairn, which will debut on digital and DVD Sept. 4.

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16 Responses to “Mulder it's, err, not me”


    Anything X-FILES,I love it,,I just hope the best 4 both sides. …..

  2. Min Wei Min Wei says:

    我是台灣人,I Am wei from Taiwan. ..


  3. Heather Heather says:

    Wow lol, has most of the makings of x files

  4. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    just like i love the former series, i just love the characters too….

  5. Yes I do Love them both ex-file is one of my most watch TV show.

  6. Gillian is the most beautiful and talented actress on TV.
    David Ducovny is a wonderful actor too. They can give
    an image of reality to the most extraordinary situations.
    I recently got his new book Miss Subways. It is hard
    to define it, as it is somewhat surrealistic, some of
    it being magic realism. He is a talented writer.
    Shades of James Joyce mingled with the poignant
    narratives of Hemingway. It contains the uniqueness
    that is so apparent in his work as an actor on X Files.

    Blessings to them and their families.


  7. Based on reality,how kool is that?

  8. Je Thompson Je Thompson says:

    The trailer for the movie sort of looks like a spoiler. I wonder what was left out?

  9. That wig is horrible!

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