The story of the great Polish map of Scotland

Started in 1975 by Polish veterans as a thank you to the country who gave them shelter after the war, the Polish map of Scotland was never finished and laid abandoned for years until it was restored by volunteers for the past 8 years and now completed.

It's a testament to the love one can have for a country and it is a beautiful work of art especially for those who enjoy a good map, more so a 3D one.

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4 Responses to “The story of the great Polish map of Scotland”

  1. wow and got the colors right for this time of year in winter, very cold

  2. Scotland is in real big trouble so is Italily you'll see my mom didn't privately cure the women and there children that hurt her too

  3. They lost they don't have nothing but butchering people and harvesting on a black market blue cross insurance fraud identity theft profit they hurt women and children morbid they lose get nothing

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