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Chris Carter discusses the new season of #thexfiles and the series potential future…

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Chris Carter discusses the new season of #thexfiles and the series potential future without Gillian Anderson

I know it's hard to imagine future seasons of +The X-Files without Scully, after all season 8 only had Mulder in the second half of the season and season 9 only for the final episode, and these two seasons are generally considered the weakest of the lot.

Of course Gillian could always change her mind but given the press coverage her announcement to call it quits has had, it's safe to assume this is it for her for the foreseeable future. So could the show survive either with Mulder alone, or with a new team altogether?

The new team is unlikely, I'm pretty confident in saying that Miller and Einstein didn't woo the audience that way last season and their resemblance in character to Mulder and Scully are just too much to sustain enough interest, I think. So that leaves Mulder on his own, or with a new partner? And if so who? Skinner? William? Someone new altogether who will likely struggle to fill in Gillian's shoes?

Now for the controversial bit.

I've had a hard time adjusting to Gillian's performance as Scully those past two seasons. She's been feeling really quite different from how I was used to, up until I Want To Believe. I couldn't really say what it is exactly but perhaps it is time to let Scully go and move on to someone new.

Either way I'll always be glad for seasons 10 and 11 which I never dreamt we'd ever get, if we don't get anything more after this season.

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Chris Carter interview: ‘X-Files has more life in it’
With or without Gillian Anderson.

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