Is Langley alive?

I'm not holding much hope that they will follow a similar story line as they did in comic book season 10 but that would be awesome.

Still judging by the Langley teasers we're getting from this video I'd say that's rather unlikely. Instead he looks like some kind of Ghost in the Machine where his consciousness was somehow trapped in a computer. It's not like they haven't done that before (see episode 5×11 Kill Switch).

I'll guess we'll find out on Wednesday in episode 11×2 This

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6 Responses to “Is Langley alive?”

  1. Heather Heather says:

    Miss the lone gunmen, wasn't pleased with their deaths in the show.

  2. Gary A Lucas Gary A Lucas says:

    I kept thinking that some of the Lone Gunmen's nerd friends, as depicted in the hacker convention episodes, might somehow carry on their work, maybe in memory.

  3. JFK 《》 JFK 《》 says:

    I hope John Doggett makes appearances

  4. Heather Heather says:

    I was wondering about dogette as well, but he didn't seem interested last season. I can't believe Monica is a traitor, unless she has some tricks up her sleeve.

  5. Ian Browett Ian Browett says:

    I bumped into "frowhicky" at the grocery store last year. It was kind of funny. I was going to work on the new season of Xfiles but I jumped to another show.

  6. Ian Browett Ian Browett says:

    I think they should bring back Peter Lacroix's character , not sure what episode, but he was the p.o.w. that people could not see. He was a great villan

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