BREAKING NEWS: +The X-Files are officially returning on Fox for the 2017-2018 se…

BREAKING NEWS: +The X-Files are officially returning on Fox for the 2017-2018 season

After waiting for so long we finally have an official announcement that +The X-Files are returning to follow on the events of season 10. And this time we don't have just 6 episodes to look forward to but 10.

The article does not call it season 11, though it'll be hard to call it anything else nor does it give an exact date of its return but we can perhaps speculate that a return for January 2018 is not unlikely depending on when shooting starts up again.

I'm so glad to be able to share some exciting news :D

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‘The X-Files’ Revived Again for 10 New Episodes at Fox
A continuation of the 2016 event series, the run will air during the 2017-18 season.

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  1. +Douglas Heidzig I did meet William B Davis and asked him about the X-files episode where the Lone Gunman explain his character and Davis laughed and said that was the lone gunman's idea and nothing to do with the reality of the character. fan sharing.

  2. Good for you to watched X-FILES episodes.

  3. +Douglas Heidzig I bought a 5 disc changer and marathoned the box set, it was before netflix

  4. +Nina Tryggvason I think X-Files episodes still in Netflix plus event series (season 10) .

  5. +Douglas Heidzig I think so too, I am in Canada and Netflix is not nice to us

  6. I'm so excited!!!! I was hopping for another season.

  7. the series transport to the universe!! bienvenido x files

  8. +Douglas Heidzig the X-files went off Netflix in the US at the start of April

  9. +Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith ok good . Keep watch X-Files episodes and event series rerun in Netflix anytime you choose .

  10. +Lori De right now in Netflix if you want .

  11. i just hope they film in Vancouver again. I watched them make that Stephen King episode – the scene where Scully is at a gas station.

  12. +Nina Tryggvason I assume they will. Season 10 was filmed there

  13. +Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith Canada is America's biggest service and resource sector and one of the few nations safe to visit.

  14. Well yes it is cheaper to film in Vancouver than in LA for sure.

  15. +Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith did you know that America made Canada sign a treaty after WW2 that we would not have our own industry as long as we go to service sector? and we're the only nation America trades with who has no protection over our tv and movie screen time? that's the cost of being cheaper, little to nothing of our own – meanwhile – radio had canada content rules.

  16. +Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith most Canadians don't and don't notice. the other thing William B Davis said was that if they'd known that Cancer Man would become a character from just a background player, it would have been cast with an American.

  17. Ender Wiggin Ender Wiggin says:

    +Jennifer Miller I don't think u know me but yesterday somebody called me when I was on the phone, with somebody else but the call I.D. showed your name on my cellphone. Got any ideals what happened. Is somebody maybe using your name and calling people? I just thought it was a little weird.

  18. Oh hell ya, can hardly wait!

  19. Are you kidding me there's more to come of the X-Files??? I didn't hear of this…

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