Exclusive Deleted Scene from Marvel's Doctor Strange

+Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive deleted scene where Kaecilius and the Zaelots attempt to contact Dormammu. I assume this was left out due to the giving away of the big bad too early in the film.

Marvel's Doctor Strange is out of Digital HD on 14 February and on Blu-Ray / DVD on 28 February.

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Mads Mikkelsen Contacts Dormammu in ‘Doctor Strange’ Deleted Scene
Doctor Strange arrives on DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 28 and, in addition to the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Marvel superhero film itself, purchasers will be able to enjoy a blooper reel, a commentary f…

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7 Responses to “Exclusive Deleted Scene from Marvel's Doctor Strange”

  1. How sad; that they desecrated this Orthodox church to film this crap

  2. Mari Slawson Mari Slawson says:

    +Lindo Luciano there is this thing called a green screen. And building a set. They didn't actually use a church

  3. There is this thing, and it's been around for far longer, called sarcastic wit, too…?

  4. So that's where Galen Erso went. I knew he didn't die!

  5. I still haven't seen the movie!

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