Paul Gilbert’s Fuzzier Universe

Just got news from CD Japan that a limited edition of Fuzz Universe will be released on 20 October 2010. It includes 2 discs, one being the original album, the other containing only the guitar tracks. It will feature a plastic case packaged in a slip case (a bit like Surfing With The Alien 20th anniversary I would imagine)

Price is ¥3,500, and there’s still no word about that Fuzz Universe DVD, which is kinda odd. Hopefully it’ll be available during the tour so we don’t have to order it 😉

The other Fuzz Universe news is a little old now, but it’s yet another effect pedal, this time produced by Majik Box. It’s called… you guessed it, the Fuzz Universe 😉

Here’s a list of features from the Majik Box website:

  • Specialized overdrive and boost in one box – Individual on / off footswitches
  • Custom taper tone control for easy access to all of Paul’s favorite overdrive tones.
  • Paul’s preferred bass cut off frequency, optimized for pure shred.
  • True Bypass

Retail priced at $279.99, which I think makes it dearer than the Airplane Flanger.

Head over to the Majik Box website for more information and a sound demo

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