Paul Gilbert’s Fuzz Universe cover art and track listing [updated]

The ever resourceful Jenn updates that there is news on the Fuzz Universe front, namely that a cover art has been produced (apparently on the Racer X forums, which I’ve not visited in ages, umm…) as well as a track listing, which I’ll spend a bit of time to decipher. Why? Because it’s in Japanese and I”m a bit of a language geek, that’s why 😉

First the cover:

It’s very “retro” if you ask me, but I like it, it’s a definite change from the bi-coloured Silence Followed By a Deafening Roar. Also I’m not sure I’ve seen a red Fireman before, I think I like it better than the original ochre one.

Anyway, moving on to the track list, here’s what I think the titles are:

  1. Fuzz Universe
  2. Olympic
  3. Earl Foan* ? (kinda guessing here, but the second half in kanji which I’ve not got time to look up just now)
  4. Bach Partita in E Minor (can’t make sense of that one will check it tomorrow Apparently there is such a thing as a “partita” and we know Paul has been doing classical pieces in his last 2 solo albums)
  5. Blue Orpheus*
  6. Will my screen door stop Neptune*
  7. Propeller*
  8. Don’t rain on my firewood*
  9. Plastic Dracula
  10. Blowtorch
  11. Mantra the loan
  12. Better up
  13. Leave the Junk Alone

Those titles kinda sound trippy right? I mean, this is my best interpretation from the Katakana and I can’t be 100% of my transcription back to English (heck, I don’t think I’d ever have gotten “Eudamonia” right). The ones I’m not too sure about are 2,3,4,7,8 and 11 so don’t quote me just yet 😉 We can have a laugh later at the sheer ridiculous transcription I just came up with when the English tracklist gets published.

Edit: Paul has posted a short video on http://www.whd.co.jp/ to announce the album, so check it out!

* Edited to make more sense (with a little help from google ;)) so you can quote me now 😉

Edit 2: Emi Gilbert blogged to basically say what we’ve been saying so far, only adding the line-up, which isn’t much of a surprise:

  • Paul Gilbert: Guitars, guitars and more guitars
  • Jeff Bowders: Drums
  • Craig Martini: Bass
  • Emi Gilbert: Keyboards

Edit 3: Paul’s Website has been updated and it now shows the same information as above… well almost the same, here’s the actual track list, I’ll highlight what I got wrong 😉

  1. Fuzz Universe
  2. Olympic
  3. Count Juan Chutrifo (honestly, it’s the Japanese’s fault here, how are you supposed to write that in Katakana?? O.o)
  4. Bach Partita in Dm (so close ;))
  5. Blue Orpheus
  6. Will My Screen Door Stop Neptune
  7. Propeller
  8. Don’t Rain on My Firewood
  9. Plastic Dracula
  10. Blowtorch
  11. Mantra the Lawn
  12. Batter Up
  13. Leave that Junk Alone (Johnny Cash cover)

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